How To Make Home Made Baby Formula During The Infant Formula Crisis

There is an infant formula crisis right now. Shelves are becoming empty and parents are struggling to find formula and becoming frightened. Well, fear not! You may give your baby healthier formula by making your own! As always, please check with your pediatrician regarding any home made formula you are preparing. Babies have different needs and various allergies to certain foods. That said, here’s a great formula that you can whip up yourself and it’s all organic and non-gmo.

Non-GMO Infant Formula Recipe 

Recipe makes 36 ounces

2 cups organic milk or certified clean raw milk, or for non-whey formula substitute organic coconut milk, organic soy milk or organic pasteurized, non-homogenized piima milk.

1/4 cup homemade organic liquid whey

4 tablespoons organic lactose

1/4 teaspoon bifodobacterium infantis

2 tablespoons organic cream (not ultrapasteurized)

1 teaspoon high quality organic cod liver oil, hemp oil or flax oil

1 teaspoon unrefined organic sunflower oil

1 teaspoon organic extra virgin olive oil

2 teaspoons organic coconut oil

2 teaspoons non-GMO nutritional yeast

2 teaspoons non-GMO gelatin

1 7/8 cups filtered water

1/4 teaspoon non-GMO acerola powder

I hope this helps! Please comment if you have anything else to add to help other moms.