Monkeypox: Truth Versus Fearporn

Is the monkeypox outbreak a real threat or is it just another weaponized form of controlling you? Dr. Robert Malone weighs in with his ideas on what’s really going on.

First of all, monkeypox is like a cousin to smallpox but not on the same public health threat level as smallpox, Malone says: “Anyone who implies otherwise is basically engaged in or otherwise supporting weaponized public health-related propaganda. In other words, spreading public health fearporn.”

In fact, he adds, the symptoms are much milder than smallpox with flu-like symptoms of “fever, body aches, chills — together with swollen lymph nodes. A rash on the palm of the hand is often observed. In the latter stage of the disease, which may last for up to a month or more in some cases, may involve small lesions which develop a crust, and which can result in a small depigmented scar.”

Also, there is no evidence of asymptomatic spread of monkeypox; it is only spread person to person.

SOURCE: Dr. Robert Malone May 21, 2022,

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