Pills with MICROCHIPS: Pfizer CEO is in love

In a recent Davos chat, Pfizer CEO Albert Boura described his company’s new tech:

“A pill with a tiny chip that sends a signal to relevant authorities when [the pill] has been digested…imagine the implications…the compliance…”

Patient compliance is a very big deal in the pharma/medical universe. The patient gets his orders. He follows them.

COVID has been a training ground for citizen obedience

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From a purely $$ perspective, the chip is a major advance. No pills left in bottles. People finish their meds. They go back to the doctor. He authorizes a new script or changes the drug. More pills taken, more money rolls in.

But of course, the larger bonus is control.

“You see, Mr. Jones, we know you didn’t finish taking the meds you were prescribed. So we can’t keep treating you. It’s a waste of time if you won’t follow orders…”

And this is just the first phase of ultimate control. Over time, it gets heavier. Cancelation of health insurance for non-compliance. Mandates.

COVID has been a training ground for citizen obedience. But the medical dictatorship wants more. Always more. And they’ll dream up one occasion after another to secure more.

Bird flu. Monkeypox. Smallpox. Whatever STORYTELLING it takes.

The medical cartel is in the business of making horror movies and promoting them as real.

A pill with a chip is the soft version of nanotech—-by which tiny transmitters and receivers are placed in the body and brain. The nanos are also sensors. They report on all sorts of ongoing body processes—-which leads to medical diagnoses, toxic drugs, and toxic vaccines in an endless parade.

Everything coming down the medical pipeline makes this freedom absolutely vital. YOU decide what’s good for your body and mind, and what’s bad

This is not science fiction. This is not a hundred years in the future. We’re almost there.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that humans are going to be on the receiving end of all the reports which the nano sensors issue from inside humans. This operation is planned as AI. Eventually, algorithms will interpret those reports and make decisions about treatment.

Many doctors will eventually take on roles as comforting guides, PR flacks, pitchmen, counselors. “Of course this is all for your benefit, Jim. It’s a good diagnosis. The treatment is standard. Think of Carol and the kids and what they need you to do. We caught it in time. You’ll be fine. But for God sakes, stop reading that nonsense online about toxic side effects. What do you think clinical trials are for? We did the prep work. The FDA approved this drug. It’s safe. I looked at your chart myself. The Pfizer antiviral is the preferred choice in your case. This is routine. If you need a human therapist, rather than the AI psychologist, I can recommend a good man. He lives in your town. Your insurance will cover it. But just suck it up and take the medicine. Believe me, you don’t want to progress to the stage where surgery is necessary. Then we would be talking hospitalization and recovery…”

Some of your children will be talking about earning a PhD in Bedside Manner.

Health Freedom and Medical Freedom are the alternative.

Everything coming down the medical pipeline makes this freedom absolutely vital. YOU decide what’s good for your body and mind, and what’s bad.

You assert that right, come hell or high water.

No matter how many court cases are won or lost, FREEDOM to say yes or no to medical treatment is the ultimate back up. This is what I kept writing and saying early on in the COVID hustle. 

Meanwhile, the Pfizer CEO, Albert Boura, is a shark. In every sense of the word.

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