California will criminalize Informed Consent if Newsom signs AB2098

If you want the government to be your doctor, then please do nothing.

Bye bye bodily autonomy, informed consent, any medical freedom. Stick out your arm for the shot when so ordered, because only government apparatchiks will be allowed to practice medicine. As California goes, so will the nation, or at least its bluer half. Say hello to AB2098.

Here is the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons’ discussion of the bill. It is too polite. But it tells you where to send your message.

As you likely have heard, a dangerous bill, AB 2098, has been passed by the California legislature that will punish physicians who seek to publicly speak out about issues that directly impact their patients’ well-being.

For example, under AB 2098, physicians who advocate for early treatment with off-label drugs, who ask questions about COVID vaccine safety, or challenge the wisdom of harmful lockdowns and unscientific masking mandates, will be charged with unprofessional conduct for promoting “misinformation or disinformation” and risk losing their medical license.

Physicians must not be coerced into blindly following the establishment “consensus” and refraining from entering into debate that is crucial to advancing both science and rational public health policies.

AB 2098 will harm the welfare of California patients, the integrity of the medical profession, and the well-being of the entire state.

Please take a few moments to send a message to Governor Newsom asking him to VETO AB 2098.

You can get a message on the way with just a couple clicks using this link:

Even if you are not in California, you can send Gov. Newsom a note. If this bad law is enacted in just one state, it emboldens those who seek to push these harmful policies across the nation.

Thank you for speaking out. Your voice can make a difference!