The Disease ‘Theory’ tells you that you’re powerless over Addiction. The Bible is TRUTH and tell us that Jesus Christ holds the Power that Destroys any Addiction for your Entire Lifetime! Choose to believe God Now & Get Set FREE Forever!

Open your heart and mind to the reality of Jesus Christ if you want to be forever free from addiction. You can recover once and be healed for a lifetime. You have been duped by the medical and psychiatric communities. They use you for their own financial gain by keeping you forever ‘in recovery’. Addiction is absolutely NOT a disease! Addiction is simply the sin of idolatry, according to our Creator. Please click the links below to find out more about addiction. No matter what your ‘religious’ upbringing has been, Jesus is for EVERYONE! Walking with Jesus is NOT a religion, it’s a way of life that forms an eternal bond with our Living God. No theories… just facts! Stop allowing a ‘theory’ to destroy your life and begin your journey to absolute and total FREEDOM right now!

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