Why is Accountability the One & Only Secret Ingredient to a Complete Addiction Recovery?

The Secret of Success in Addiction Recovery, is based upon who you appoint as your accountability partner. Sounds like an Accountability Partner has big shoes to fill, right? Well, let’s find out. Read on!

The person you answer to is the driving force that determines your adherence to successfully completing your recovery. Accountability partners can NOT be someone trying to hold on to their sobriety or you’ll both fall eventually. You need someone who is ‘perfect’ in all ways. So, let’s dig in.

How do you determine your accountability partner?

An Accountability Partner is the one you know has your success as their #1 priority.

An Accountability Partner never fails you… not ever.

An Accountability Partner is at your side, leading you into the path of healing, stopping at nothing until you are healed.

An Accountability Partner is there for you in the good times and bad, and they don’t take off for weekends, holidays, or night time hours.

An Accountability Partner believes in you 100%.

An Accountability Partner is fearless and a warrior.

An Accountability Partner must be much stronger than you are and is certain of your healing. He strengthens you in your weakness.

An Accountability Partner is someone you absolutely know you can trust and do whatever He suggests.

An Accountability Partner has withstood the test of time and has never ever failed anyone.

Now, Who Could have all the attributes as described above? The One You Choose Must Be 100% PERFECT. Perfect? That’s seems like an impossible task! How do you find someone who is perfect? Seriously! This person must know me in every way and must be familiar with all of my ways.

Is there anyone out there who loves you unconditionally and wants to see you totally healed? Is he 100% committed to doing whatever it takes? Is this person perfect? Those characteristics seem almost impossible, right?
Please keep reading. . . . . . .

There is only ONE who is Perfect

There are absolutely no humans who can fill the shoes of perfection. So, now what? Who could your perfect accountability partner be? If you haven’t guessed by now, it is Jesus the Messiah!

He is GOD!



He loves you so so much that He died for you so that you could have forgiveness of your sins and live with Him throughout eternity!

He has eliminated the fear of death!

He heals supernaturally!

He leads you down the straight and narrow path you need to be on!

He will never leave you or forsake you!

He created you and knew you before He placed you in your mother’s womb!

He’ s waiting to give you addiction freedom for the rest of your life!

Through His Holy Spirit, He offers you the way out!

First things first! You must receive Jesus and learn how to walk in the ways He has commanded us to. CLICK HERE to find out how to be saved.

It’s time to quit depending on meetings, support groups, and sponsors for your sobriety. Yes, they may be cool to go to and have fellowship with other people, BUT, they will NEVER keep you sober or be that perfect accountability partner. If you are depending on meetings, then you’re telling me that you have another ‘god’. If you claim to be a Christian, that’s idolatry. Idolatry will keep you from Heaven. The one definite thing we all have in common is death. We don’t know when death will take us, so we need to be ready at whatever age we are right now. You do NOT want to be caught up in idolatry.