Addiction is a very Real Fight for your Soul

The devil holds the ultimate tool to take you down and dead thru addictions; however, God has all the tools we need to be set FREE for a lifetime, without ever using or craving again! IT IS YOUR CHOICE!

In addition to the commonly known street drugs and alcohol (alcohol is considered a drug), addiction comes in the form of those psychiatric drugs your doctor legally gives you, as well as in those pills to take pain away and reduce anxiety. I’m not at all saying that your doctor is necessarily sinister and doing this to harm you. What I am saying is that your doctor may not be aware of what he or she is doing to your mind and body with drugs that the Bible defines as ‘sorcery’. Sorcery, or pharmakeia in the original Greek, is further defined as witchcraft. (***NOTE: Do NOT abruptly discontinue any drugs or medications on your own, as this can be lethal. Contact your doctor and check into a medically supervised and licensed detox center to do this.)

Addiction has no respect for a person’s age, sex, or status in life. It will go after anyone it wants to and it will succeed in putting them in bondage, as long as there is a person inviting it in. Does that sound like someone in the Bible? Remember the monster who is the enemy of our souls, who comes to kill, steal, and destroy? Addiction is passed to people via a spirit of Satan.

The Tools need for freedom are all clearly presented in Scripture.

Jesus, the Son of our True Living God, Rescues and Heals!

When addiction takes hold, it becomes deeply rooted, so fast, that it takes a supernatural act of God to set you free. Addiction has a very real spiritual component of a fallen world that is called ‘sin’. Sin is whatever behavior is directly opposed to God’s Word. Clearly, addiction is a depiction of the ongoing and relentless war for your soul between Jesus Christ and Satan. The thing about it is, whether you continue in it or get completely free of it, is up to YOU! It’s a ‘choice’ that you know you need to make. I won’t say that choosing the Holy Road to Addiction Freedom is easy. The Road is challenging; however, it will produce an abundant, new, and transformed life in Christ. When you commit your life and soul to Jesus Christ, He will take you to complete Freedom. Believe me, it’s worth fighting for! I fought this fight with Jesus in 2008 and victoriously won, of course!

If you’re still reading this, and you’ve chosen the Holy road to get free, please do NOT think that meetings and sponsors and steps have helped you. Yes, they are a social venue, but NOT the healer. It is IDOLATRY to give the credit to the frailty of a human social group. Give the credit to Jesus Christ and consider yourself healed! If you ‘praise’ your meetings, you’re going to fail. If you praise your meetings and you consider yourself a Christian, then you’d better understand that you need to give your life to Christ right now, because your faith is partially based on humans. God frowns on that. Get real with Jesus and He will get real with you.

There’s Freedom Ahead when you stay on the straight and narrow road as Jesus clearly directs us to

Jesus is God’s only Son. He created you, He loves us beyond measure. He saved you. He left all the comforts and joy of Heaven and came to earth to die for our sins. He did this so that we could spend eternity with Him and our Heavenly Father in the spectacular perfection of Heaven that our minds can’t even imagine. He will never leave us or forsake us.Jesus will never cast us away. People do this out of their own sin and depravity.He offers us all the spectacular, and undeserved, gift of eternal life with Him, where perfection rules and reigns. No more pain… no more tears… no more sickness… no more separation… no more death.

What Jesus creates, lives on forever after death… in Heaven or Hell. He placed a soul in you that never dies. When you cross over from death to eternal life, and you are His, you’ll receive your rewards in Heaven. When you cross over from death to eternal life, and you are not His, you will spend eternity apart from God in Hell. Heaven or Hell is a CHOICE each of us make on our own by receiving Jesus or not.

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