The coronavirus vaccine is the “final solution” depopulation weapon against humanity; globalists hope to convince BILLIONS of people to commit “suicide-via-vaccine”

 Now we come to the real mission in the “plandemic,” the censorship, the banning of hydroxychloroquine and the silencing of America’s Frontline Doctors: It’s all about global depopulation via a new vaccine that’s designed to mass murder billions of human beings and sharply reduce the population of the human race on planet Earth. Why else do you think... Continue Reading →

Gottlieb, Mostashari Propose National COVID-19 Surveillance System

Five healthcare experts—including former top government healthcare officials Scott Gottlieb and Farzad Mostashari—have proposed a plan to build a  national COVID-19 surveillance system. A system to effectively track and trace COVID-19 is a prerequisite for gradually reopening the economy, the healthcare leaders said in a recent paper issued by the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy. “We need... Continue Reading →

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