Staggering! As We Come to the Close of 2019, Here are 42 Mind Blowing Facts about Addiction

We’ve compiled the following list of addiction statistics from several verified sources to help educate you. Addiction is a big problem throughout the world, with a lot of people battling various forms of the disease. Because of addiction’s prevalence in the world today, it has become necessary to know the various forms this problem takes and the... Continue Reading →

Pesticides Found in 84% of Fruit & in Over 90% of Americans!

The U.S. FDA, which evaluates produce for chemicals via their pesticide residue monitoring program, revealed that pesticide residues are widespread in popular produce, including strawberries, apples and grapesOverall, 84% of domestic fruits — along with 53% of vegetables, 42% of grains and 73% of “other” foods, such as nuts, seeds, candy, beverages and others —... Continue Reading →

You’re More Than Likely Taking This Medication, Thinking It’s Safe… That’s The Furthest Thing From The Truth!

A new study finds the chemical war against cholesterol using statin drugs was justified through statistical deception and the cover up of over 300 adverse health effects documented in the biomedical literature. Better safe than sorry, right? This is the logic that defines the grasp that the pharmaceutical company has on our psyche. Perhaps your mother,... Continue Reading →

Your Doctor’s Lab Coat Is Likely Contaminated & Could Even Cause You Great Suffering & Death From Contamination!

STORY AT-A-GLANCE Long-sleeved white coats may be transmitting multidrug-resistant organisms, including Staphylococcus aureus and gram-negative nonfermenters; in response to research data, the British Medical Association banned lab coats, long sleeves, watches, jewelry and ties in patient care to reduce contamination Some have resisted the removal of the white coat from a physician's attire in the... Continue Reading →

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