A Cardiologist’s Advice on the Ongoing Whether or Not to Eat Eggs Battle

Years ago, everyone was ordering their¬†omelets¬†Opens a New Window.with egg whites only, fearing¬†high cholesterol.¬† Then yolks got a¬†health seal of approval¬† for their nutrient load. Now, research in the¬†Journal of the American Medical Association¬†again links eggs to¬†heart issues..¬† How much should we fear our favorite breakfast food? Dr. Luke Laffin, a preventive cardiologist at Cleveland... Continue Reading →

Warning from the American Heart Association: Breast cancer treatments, such as radiation and chemo, can cause heart failure

Preface to this article:¬† Please research your options before making your health decisions. Sometimes the cure is worse than the ailment, the saying goes, and a new warning from the¬†American Heart Associationbis shedding light on the quandary many women face when weighing breast cancer treatment against the potential side effects. According to the group, some... Continue Reading →

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