As I write this, it is Tuesday, March 24, 2020, and the coronavirus has hit our country, and the world, with unspeakable fear and lockdown. It is a time when people are buying toilet paper before food and whatever food there is appears to be in terribly limited supply due to hoarding.

We did our research and partnered with an incredible manufacturer of healthy pasta who offers their dozens of healthy and affordable pasta varieties to nonprofit ministries, such as ours, to sell to you. The pastas are so affordably priced, palate pleasers, and are in so many fun shapes to please anyone – even kids.

So, in these most difficult times, you can obtain food for yourself, your family, and people you know who are without. You will be able to be charitable to neighbors in need because of the prices.

The pasta is extraordinary, delicious, the highest quality, high protein, and in super fun shapes. They will put a smile on your face as you see them and eat them. I think everyone needs a smile these days.

So, go and do some healthy pasta shopping! You’ll be helping yourself, your family, your neighbors (we hope), and our onlline addiction recovery ministry.

May God, the Creator of all things and the Author of the Holy Scriptures, bring you salvation, His peace which passes all human understanding, balance in your mind, the warmth of His love, and certainty in these uncertain times. He will protect you when you are His! How to be His, is described HERE.

God Bless us all!

Please Note: Orders are shipped from Nashville, TN, within 3 to 5 days of placing your order. CLICK HERE to get your Fun Pasta!