We are living in a world gone insane! How do we find HOPE?

We are living in very dangerous, uncertain, turbulent, terrifying, and deadly times. We are coming out of a locked down world from a major pandemic right now. People have lost their jobs, their homes, and even their minds. As if that wasn’t enough, there are wars and threats of war being echoed every day in the news. There is perversion everywhere. Little tiny children, who don’t even think about sex while still in their cribs or toddler beds, are being forced to swap out their genitals because parents feel it’s best. Public schools forbid bringing the Bible to school. Prayer is not allowed and has become a reason to detain students who pray. There are powerful storms that are being classified as epic… of Biblical proportion. There are liberals who have completely lost it and are trying to force you into darkness with their agenda to depopulate and kill millions of babies and anyone over 60. Let those of you with ears to hear, click and read Matthew 24.

With all these things happening, suicide is at an all time high. I cannot sit back and not offer you hope when I know, without a doubt, it is there for the asking. Your life can change in a moment and you no longer have to fear anything that is going on. You’ll be rejoicing!

Did whatever god you serve suffer, die, and make a way for you to go to Heaven? Jesus did!