The Many Faces of Addiction

We often discuss what addiction is in respect to what it does to a person's heart and soul, and what it does to the family unit; however, how often are we brave enough to stare it in the face?  If you have been affected, in any way, by addiction, these images may bring things more … Continue reading The Many Faces of Addiction

What’s Wrong with Most Recovery Programs?

I will make this answer as brief as I can... highlighting what I see is wrong. Recovery, as the word implies, indicates that you will, at some point, recover; however, in addiction recovery, it takes on an entire new meaning when the 'Steppers' get involved. Recovery, in the broken 'Step' system that exists today, is defined … Continue reading What’s Wrong with Most Recovery Programs?

Synthetic Marijuana is NOT in any way anything like Marijuana!

I feel that I need to address synthetic marijuana again, because it is destroying lives.  Make no mistake about it, it is NOT related to marijuana at all. Synthetic cannabis (also called synthetic cannabinds, SCs, or synncanns) hides under many other names like K2 and Spice, as well as a label which reads “Not for … Continue reading Synthetic Marijuana is NOT in any way anything like Marijuana!

Counseling for the Drug Addict

The video below is an 'oldie' but totally applies today. If you have a loved one in an addiction that you are trying to reach, this video has some extraordinary points on how to and how not to talk to them. Need truly affordable help in recovery? Want a permanent solution for addiction? Don’t … Continue reading Counseling for the Drug Addict

Court Testimony of Dr Breggin, psychiatrist, in the wrongful death due to psychiatric medications

Please Watch: How Psychiatric Drugs Can KILL YOUR CHILD – Documentary Faith based recovery that is compassionate, empathetic, transformational, non-12 step, without disease theories, individualized, and delivered to you online and by phone – with 24/7 support for life! Please CLICK HERE.

Addiction Has an END!

Just as addiction has a beginning, it also has an end. It's not a disease. It doesn't have relapses. Don't subscribe to the lies of the medical, psychiatric and addiction rehab  communities; they want to perpetuate the lie in order to keep bringing in those big bucks. Don't be their cash cow. Your addiction can … Continue reading Addiction Has an END!

Fear, Anxiety, Depression and the Link to Addiction

As true believers in Christ, we know that the Bible speaks volumes regarding fear, anxiety and depression.  What God says is that they are all demonic spirits that cause oppression if we submit to them. . For me, I no longer have any of these because I have learned to walk my faith and walk … Continue reading Fear, Anxiety, Depression and the Link to Addiction


What hope is there? Wouldn’t a universal, proven cure for drug addiction be a good thing? And is it possible? First, let’s clearly define what is meant by “cure.” For the individual a cure means complete and permanent absence of any overwhelming physical or mental desire, need or compulsion to take drugs. For the society … Continue reading REHAB FRAUD: PSYCHIATRY’S DRUG SCAM