Symptoms of Addiction

Recurrent use of a substance, or engagement with an activity, that leads to impairment or distress, is the core of addictive disorders. The clinical diagnosis of an addiction is based on the presence of at least two of a number of features: The substance or activity is used in larger amounts or for a longer... Continue Reading →

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms: When do you start showing them and how to cope?

Regular users of alcohol are likely to experience some sort of withdrawal symptoms if they do not get to drink — a situation some could be facing during the lockdown. The symptoms may vary according to one’s drinking habit. This means that the symptoms could be more significant for heavy drinkers. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms “Alcohol... Continue Reading →

Marijuana Withdrawal Is Real, Study Shows

It's widely believed that marijuana is not addictive, but a major new evidence review suggests that's not true. Not only can people suffer withdrawal symptoms when they quit pot, but nearly half of those who regularly or heavily use marijuana will go through withdrawal when they stop, according to the study published online April 9... Continue Reading →

Popular Sleep & Anxiety Drug Causes Addiction

In a recent paper, researchers say that a class of drugs called benzodiazepines that can help treat anxiety and insomnia may lead to dangerous addiction. The research was conducted by a team at Yale University. Anxiety as a medical condition has plagued human beings for centuries. Previous research has shown that benzodiazepines could help treat... Continue Reading →

Patients on Chronic Opioid Prescriptions who came off Opioids were Three Times More Likely to Die of an Overdose in the Years that Followed, a study found (IF they returned to their addiction)

Before reading the article below, the takeaway of this is to warn you NEVER take one more Opioid pill or tablet if you've detoxed from Opioids and are clean. NEVER! There are many wonderful ways to quiet pain - be it post operative pain, chronic pain, or acute pain. If you've never taken opioids, DON'T... Continue Reading →

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