Turns Out Cotton Swabs Can Potentially Kill You

It seems like every day presents us with terrifying news about some mundane object that could, it turns out, inflict serious damage: contact lenses, eyeliner, and even whipped-cream containers. Today, that item is a cotton swab, which can apparently give you a deadly brain infection? Cool. According to Live Science, a 31-year-old British man contracted a dangerous bacterial infection... Continue Reading →

Psych Drugs Are More Dangerous Than You Could Ever Imagine – Lifespan can be Decrease by 20 Years and More + Terrible Diseases!

https://youtu.be/luKsQaj0hzs Just trying to save the lives of those who will listen! ***NEVER STOP YOUR PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATIONS ON YOUR OWN!  YOU WILL NEED PROFESSIONALLY SUPERVISED MEDICAL DETOX!!!   Faith based recovery that is compassionate, empathetic, transformational, non-12 step, without disease theories, individualized, and delivered to you online and by phone – with 24/7 support for... Continue Reading →

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