Coffee Has Surprising Effect on Mental Health

For some people, coffee maybe just a source of caffeine, and they may consume it to fulfill their addiction; but in reality, this beverage has a complex combination of chemical compounds. Coffee is grown in almost 70 countries around the world, and it has a long history of surprising health benefits. Health experts have stated... Continue Reading →

Caffeine, Nicotine Withdrawal Can Lead You to the ICU and Cause Problems for You There.

Sudden withdrawal from coffee and cigarettes can trigger symptoms that mimic serious disease, leading to unnecessary tests in hospital intensive care units, a new review concludes. "Nicotine and caffeine are some of the most commonly used and highly addictive substances in modern society, but they are often overlooked as a potential source of significant withdrawal... Continue Reading →

WOW! The Protective Health Benefits of Coffee Your Doctor Will Never Tell You About Because It Can Restore Your Health!

If you can’t live without your morning java, blame it on your parents. Recent studies link certain genes to caffeine metabolism. People with the greatest expression of these genes reported drinking less coffee—they simply didn’t need as much to feel alert and energized. Genetics aside, caffeine in all its guises has numerous health boons, including improving mental... Continue Reading →

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