Largest Study on how Cannabis has Changed Over Time Finds Increased Strength Putting Consumers at Greater Risk of Harm

New research shows that over the past 50 years street cannabis across the world has become substantially stronger carrying an increased risk of harm. The team behind the study from the Addiction and Mental Health Group at the University of Bath, synthesised data from over 80,000 cannabis samples tested in the past 50 years from street samples collected in... Continue Reading →

DOCUMENTED: Cannabis extract successfully treats 14-year old girl with an ā€œincurableā€ form of cancer

Cannabis has gained fame recently for its ability to treat seizure disorders in children with otherwise ā€œuntreatableā€ conditions. But despite the pharmaceutical industryā€™s attempts at keeping the benefits of this plant medicine hidden from the general public, a growing number of people are turning to cannabis for cancer treatment, too. InĀ Case Reports In Oncology, the... Continue Reading →

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