Staggering! As We Come to the Close of 2019, Here are 42 Mind Blowing Facts about Addiction

We’ve compiled the following list of addiction statistics from several verified sources to help educate you. Addiction is a big problem throughout the world, with a lot of people battling various forms of the disease. Because of addiction’s prevalence in the world today, it has become necessary to know the various forms this problem takes and the... Continue Reading →

Graphic Images Of “Flesh Rotting” Cocaine Cut With Cow De-Wormer Will Put You Off Drugs For Life

Warning: This article contains graphic medical imagery. If the idea of heart problems, sweat-dripping anxiety, and environmental vandalism wasn’t enough to put you off cocaine, then take a look at this medical case report. Published in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases back in 2016, doctors in the Colombian city of Medellín detailed 11 cases of people whose skin turned... Continue Reading →

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