ALERT: Neonic pesticides in tap water react with chlorine to create hazardous chemicals that are 300 times more toxic

Researchers warn that conventional methods for treating water can trigger chemical reactions in neonicotinoid contaminants. The resulting metabolites are proven to be far more toxic than the original “neonic” pesticides. Their newest experiment followed up on their discovery of neonicotinoids in tap water sources. The team investigated the risk of the pesticides getting exposed to... Continue Reading →

Farmers who use biosolids are NOT required to tell anyone – their land is being polluted in SECRET

One would think that with so many lingering and unanswered questions about the safety of “biosludge” that regulatory authorities would, at the very least, require farmers who use the stuff to provide full, public disclosure in the interest of public safety. But unfortunately this isn’t the case. According to biosludge truth activist Craig Monk, a... Continue Reading →

HEALTH ALERT: Banned For Use In War, But OK For Our Crops???

Apparently the Geneva Convention doesn’t protect against use in domestic agriculture. Researchers who recently examined studies sponsored by Dow Chemical and used by the EPA to approve chlorpyrifos, a type of insecticide, found inaccuracies in what the company reported to the agency. Worse, there is also evidence that EPA scientists pointed out these failings to agency officials,... Continue Reading →

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