Kansas Doctor Gets Life in Prison for Selling Opioids that Led to Patient’s Death

Let this sound an alarm to all of you MONSTER DOCTORS who use the trust that your patients have in you to addict and kill them for the sake of GREED!  ~NationalAddictionNew.com Steven R. Henson was sentenced to life in prison for unlawfully prescribing and selling medication. A doctor in Kansas was sentenced to life... Continue Reading →

Colorado Woman Dies After Surgeons Wrongfully Remove Two Good Kidneys

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NEVER BELIEVE ANY DOCTOR!!!  GO FOR MULTIPLE OPINIONS FROM DOCTORS WHO DON'T KNOW EACH OTHER AND THEN DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.  THESE THINGS HAPPEN EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!  I hate bring news like this to all of you, but I must make you aware.  In the end, these types of news articles just... Continue Reading →

FDA Advisory Panels: Asking Doctors to Prescribe Naloxone With Opioid Painkillers

The labels of prescription opioid painkillers should advise doctors to consider simultaneously prescribing the opioid overdose antidote naloxone, two U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory panels recommend. The 12-to-11 vote during a joint meeting of the committees was described by several members as a message to the federal government to make naloxone more widely available, easier... Continue Reading →

Sidestepping the Serious Dangers of Polypharmacy

I'm posting an article that I read from the Whitaker Wellness Blog because it has to do with polypharmacy - a preventable problem that could lead to much suffering, unnecessary medications and treatments, and an early death.  Please read Dr Whitaker's important observations and how  he treated one of his patients. Allison is a classic... Continue Reading →

Opiates & Benzos

Opiates are the MOST abused drug in the US today. In some people, addiction will begin in just 3 days or less. Most will be addicted within 4-6 weeks. After that, they will need detox to get them out of their addiction. The 6 week point is the point where doctors will escalate the addiction... Continue Reading →

American Psychiatrist leon Eisenber, the “Scientific Father of ADHD” Admitted on his Death Bed that “ADHD is a Fictitious Disease”.

Psychiatry’s Darkest Aspects In The Big PharMonopoly A question: Why has there been such a dramatic rise in mental disease and invariably increased prescribed psychiatric drug use in recent years? Could it simply be because more people are getting mentally disabled? Or could it be due to a number of other dark and sinister aspects... Continue Reading →

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