Signs & Symptoms of Withdrawal

From time to time, I like to list the signs and symptoms of withdrawal. They will occur once you are addicted. These signs are deadly and require immediate medical attention. So, if you are in withdrawal, seek the help of someone on the other end of calling 911 or speak with your doctor to arrange... Continue Reading →

Davina McCall on her drug overdose during crippling heroin addiction that left her ‘rotting inside’

The 52-year-old went through a dark period of life at the start of her career where she was addicted to class A drug heroin and smoked cannabis Davina McCall has revealed she was taken to hospital after overdosing on drugs at the height of her crippling addiction. The TV presenter, who has previously spoken about her... Continue Reading →

Popular Sleep & Anxiety Drug Causes Addiction

In a recent paper, researchers say that a class of drugs called benzodiazepines that can help treat anxiety and insomnia may lead to dangerous addiction. The research was conducted by a team at Yale University. Anxiety as a medical condition has plagued human beings for centuries. Previous research has shown that benzodiazepines could help treat... Continue Reading →

Gray Death. What You Need to Know.

What is gray death? Gray death is an illicit opioid combination of powerful and dangerous drugs that have led to several fatal overdoses in the U.S. in 2017. The designer, synthetic drug is said to be many more times potent than heroin. Overdoses have been reported in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. What’s... Continue Reading →

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