The Organic Foods Production Act created the National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances (National List) as a tool for managing the substances used in organic production over time.

In general, natural substances are allowed in organics and synthetic substances are prohibited. The National List identifies the limited exceptions to these general rules. The National List also identifies nonagricultural and nonorganic agricultural substances (ingredients) that may be used in organic handling. Changes to the National List require a National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) recommendation... Continue Reading →

Is Sugar An Addictive ‘DRUG’?

When we are born, it is innate within us to desire pleasure.  Some of the pleasure seeking behaviors unfortunately result in addictions of many  kinds.  The addiction I'm speaking of here is SUGAR!  You love it!  Your crave it!  You can't stop it!  You even use this deadly weapon on your body to celebrate all... Continue Reading →

WOW! The Protective Health Benefits of Coffee Your Doctor Will Never Tell You About Because It Can Restore Your Health!

If you can’t live without your morning java, blame it on your parents. Recent studies link certain genes to caffeine metabolism. People with the greatest expression of these genes reported drinking less coffee—they simply didn’t need as much to feel alert and energized. Genetics aside, caffeine in all its guises has numerous health boons, including improving mental... Continue Reading →

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