DRUGGED-UP & DUMBED-DOWN – The Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs

In the news, it’s all too common to encounter a story of a horrific crime that leaves you wondering how someone could ever commit such an act. Many times, it turns out the perpetrator was taking psychiatric drugs – a trend that is especially common among mass shooters. Why are so many people taking psychiatric... Continue Reading →

ADHD Drug Use has Skyrocketed 345% Among Young Women in 12 Years Aaccording to the CDC, Increasing Birth Defects

As Big Pharma and the medical establishment continue to convince people they have various medical conditions and need medications to function or even survive, we’re seeing rises in the use of everything from antidepressants to statins. However, a new report from the CDC is shedding light on one disturbing trend in particular: a sharp spike... Continue Reading →

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