Study “Confirms That The Full Degree Of Harm Of Antidepressants Is Not Reported”

The Facts: Multiple studies outlined in this article indicate a serious issue with the efficacy of antidepressant drugs, and the lengths that pharmaceutical companies go to hide potential dangers.Reflect On: How much science is there really behind the efficacy of antidepressant drugs? A study published in the British Medical Journal  by researchers at the Nordic Cochrane Center in Copenhagen... Continue Reading →

Psychiatric Drugs: Neurotoxins that Do More Harm than Good

This article is by Dr Peter Breggin, MD PLEASE go to and bookmark Dr Peter Breggin's website immediately. CLICK HERE. This is a psychiatrist who can save your life! There is a single scientific term that most appropriately describes psychiatric drugs. Not long ago, I used it in court on several occasions during my testimony... Continue Reading →

THE HIDDEN ENEMY “We have never drugged our troops to this extent and the current increase in suicides is not a coincidence. “Why hasn’t psychiatry in the military been relieved of command of Mental Health Services? “In any other command position in the military, there would have been a change in leadership.” – Lt. Col. Bart Billings,... Continue Reading →

ECT (Electroconvulsive Shock Therapy) is TORTURE & CAUSES BRAIN INJURY, Yet Psychiatrists Are Using it More & More – even on Little Children

CCHR makes their voice heard against electroconvulsive therapy, a psychiatric “treatment” that has never produced evidence of being safe or effective. Today it is being used on children aged five and younger in the name of “help,” and CCHR says, “Stop this abuse!” The dirty little secret of psychiatry's biggest weapon is now exposed.  Protect... Continue Reading →

Psychiatric Drugs Destroy Lives & Kill

Psychiatrists can’t predict what adverse side effects you might experience because not one of them knows how their drugs work. Psychotropic drugs are increasingly being exposed as chemical toxins with the power to kill. Psychiatrists claim their drugs save lives, but according to their own studies, psychotropic drugs can double the risk of suicide. And... Continue Reading →

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