How Long Does Antidepressant Withdrawal Last?

There are far better ways of dealing with depression and anxiety than going to a shrink and getting one or more Big Pharma ‘pill(s)’.  Does that even make logical sense when you consider that a pill can make you happy?  A pill puts you in emotional restraints and is like a straight jacket for your brain.  A DANGEROUS pill that dumbs you down rather than … Continue reading How Long Does Antidepressant Withdrawal Last?

Why do you need HELP NOW for your Rx Drug Addiction?

Why come to for Online Help with your Rx Drug Addiction? Affordability: We will work with you for a donation of any size whatsoever. No one should ever have to die from an addiction simply because they can’t pay! Our only reason for any donation at all is Accountability; we have found that if you don’t pay something, whether it be a product or … Continue reading Why do you need HELP NOW for your Rx Drug Addiction?

Medical Care is now the Number 1 Cause of Death in the US

by Dr. Mercola The latest data on the leading causes of deathi in the United States has been released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).The report, which is based on 2010 data, lists the 10 leading causes of death as follows: Diseases of the heart Cancer Chronic lower respiratory diseases Cerebrovascular diseases (stroke) Accidents (unintentional injuries) Alzheimer’s disease Diabetes mellitus Nephritis, … Continue reading Medical Care is now the Number 1 Cause of Death in the US

Today’s Word on Benzodiazepines

Valium, Xanax, Librium, Ativan, and Klonopin have become as common as over the counter household aspirin, and are all too often prescribed for more than 90 days by doctors who either want you coming back (money money money $$$) to renew your Rx each month, OR, because they are simply uneducated and ignorant in addiction and too apathetic to do their due diligence in research. My close … Continue reading Today’s Word on Benzodiazepines

‘Modern Medicine’???

Let’s look at the statistics of modern medicine and see what it ‘speaks’ to logic and sanity… 52 Million people in the US, over the age of 12, have used prescription drugs for a non-meical reason in their lifetime. 6.1 Million people have used prescription drugs – non-medically – in the past month.  The US has 5% of the world’s population; however consumes 75% of … Continue reading ‘Modern Medicine’???