You MUST ReFill Your ‘Glass’

Once your addiction is over, it leaves behind a large vacancy in your soul that must be filled.  Will you choose to fill that space with fear, anxiety, anger, weakness, or something else that will perpetuate darkness?  At VRM, people bring us …….  CLICK HERE, to my other blog, for the rest of this article.

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
Romans 12:2

Why Do We Need To Theorize About Addiction Causes When We Already Know?!

In the field and ministry we’re in – addiction – we are constantly reading about addiction being theorized as a disease… a disorder… a choice… a deeply rooted inherited family problem… or a number of other theories.  None of those theories have been or can be proven; they are just guesses.  Well, I’m here to tell you that addiction is in the Bible and tells us exactly what it is and what the causes are.  It’s a sin of ‘drunkenness’.  The original Greek word for drunkenness, as defined in Strong’s, is PHARMAKEIA, which means WITCHCRAFT!  It’s where we get our word, pharmacy.  Let that sink in for a moment.  Pharmakeia/drunkenness are not terms that just apply to alcohol; it’s anything that is mind altering.  The term ‘mind altering’ relates to any substance or unusual activity that causes you to think in different ways than you normally would.  These thoughts cause you to act differently… kind of the state of being under an evil spell.  All of this, in Scripture, have roots in the occult.  Being in a mind altered state may affected you in the following ways:

  • you could suffer memory loss
  • you may feel extreme tiredness and sleep a lot, or you’ll feel hyper and unable to rest or sleep at all
  • you might feel confused
  • you could feel dizziness
  • you might do things that cause you might not normally do, also called being uninhibited
  • you probably feel dumbed down, kind of like a zombie
  • you could suffer unusual episodes of extreme rage
  • you find yourself out of control much of the time
  • you may not be able to make decisions, so everything gets put off for a time that doesn’t happen
  • you might become very obsessive
  • you find yourself subject to unusual mood swings
  • you will know what feeling agitated is like
  • you may not think about driving while intoxicated
  • you probably put whatever you’re addicted to as the first 100 things on your priority list that are most important in your life, and there’s room for nothing and no one else
  • you find yourself lying a lot, and has become typical for you
  • you could have a sense of impending doom and death
  • you will probably be consumed by feeling sick and symptomatic of diseases that don’t exist
  • you find yourself visiting a doctor often, to find out what’s wrong with you, but you get no answers
  • during brief moments, you’ll wish you were your old self again, but think that returning to the real you is just not going to ever be possible
  • if you’re a Christian, you’re going to put Jesus on a back burner, so – in a way – you have rejected God’s Salvation; as time moves on, God just won’t matter much at all  anymore


With all of the above going on, doesn’t it come down to reaching out to the Lord and allowing Him to bring you to Himself?  Your life is a living nightmare and you’re out of control  in your addiction!  You can’t think about getting out, or doing anything about it, until you really have to, right?  You know that you could overdose, but you just can’t care.  You just give up.  You now know that this addiction you’re under, is witchcraft!  Evil has been eliminated by Jesus Christ; tap into it.  The thing is that Jesus loves you beyond beyond!  He created you.  Despite what you think, the truth is that He put you in your mother’s womb, and knows what you’re going through.  He can immerse Himself in you and feel your feelings.  When you decide to come back to Jesus, or come to Him for the first time, you don’t have to think about going through all the things you need to do to change yourself in any way.  All you have to do is come to Him and He’ll do the rest. There is Power in His Love – it’s a Love that is pure and surrounds you on all sides. You only need to ask Him to live His life in you!  Yes… it’s that simple!

Rebellion is sin.  Sin has been in existence since Adam and Eve.  Sin predisposes everyone to addiction, as well as many other problems. This was all fixed by Jesus Christ at the Cross.  Reach out to Him.  Please do it today.

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There IS Hope for a Final End to Addiction

Today, on National Addiction News, I would like to spread hope.  It’s the hope found in Jesus Christ for a final end to addiction.  Being accountable to God is the only answer. Accountability is found in His plan of Salvation.  How you can be saved is found HERE.  With all of my heart, I invite you to read how to get saved at this link.  There are many who will preach and teach that all you have to do is say a simple prayer.  That ‘simple prayer’ is only the beginning of your road to Heaven and addiction healing.  Being saved is a daily commitment to follow the Lord, His teachings, His commandments, and His way of living.  There is no bargaining or switching one thing for another.  It’s set in stone.  It’s not found in buildings or televangelism. It’s found in your heart, by your choice.  Think about your first day of college or high school… it was just your first day. You didn’t graduate on day #1, did you?  You needed to attend classes, learn, test out and earn your degree or your diploma.  With God, you don’t have to earn Salvation – that’s a free gift; however, you do have to earn your arrival in Heaven, by your faithfulness to Jesus and His Word – The Bible.

Does following Jesus mean that your addiction will forever end?

That’s a question that is a definite, YES; however, it is determined by HOW you follow Him.  Are you still doing the things you used to do, or are you doing life the way He tells us to live it. Are you letting go and letting God have His way with you?  Are you reading His Word daily (and more)?  Are you permitting His Word to become everything within you?  Are you joyfully handing Jesus your eyes, your mind, your words, your thoughts, your body, your mind, your day, your selfish desires, your pride, your tenacious will, your lifestyle, your stubbornness, your favorite things, your TV shows, your home, your marriage, your children, your work, your home, your car, your will, and your future?  Unless you’re doing these things, I have to say that addiction freedom will probably never be yours to have.

It’s too hard to follow the Bible and do the things Jesus says we need to do.

I have never heard that from anyone who truly loves the Lord; however, from those who just refuse to give it up to God, I have heard that all too often.  They are people who will probably never come to Him with all of their hearts and souls.  Jesus Himself says, in Matthew 7:14, narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.  So, I don’t kid myself in thinking that everyone that hears this message will have some kind of epiphany and receive Jesus, this very moment.  I know better.  It will only be a few.  For those few, addiction freedom is available for the asking. I also know that for those few, Jesus died.Yeshua

Praise Him in the peace of your heart and Praise Him in the storms of your life!  Just Praise Him!

What’s Wrong with Most Recovery Programs?

I will make this answer as brief as I can… highlighting what I see is wrong.

Recovery, as the word implies, indicates that you will, at some point, recover; however, in addiction recovery, it takes on an entire new meaning when the ‘Steppers’ get involved. Recovery, in the broken ‘Step’ system that exists today, is defined by:

  • Forcing people to admit that they are ‘addicts’, even though you’re not using drugs or alcohol.  (This is an unthinkable thing to coerce people to declare, as it gives the mind permission to use again and again. It also degrades the psyche.)
  • Declaring, after much brainwashing, that you have an incurable disease that needs to be controlled by clawing through every second of every minute of every day.  (This is a outright LIE from the pit of Hell and very demeaning.)
  • Telling people to name anyone and anything as their ‘god’.  (There is only ONE True God of all Heaven and Earth and He’s declared in the Bible.  His Name is Jesus.)
  • Forcing ‘anonymity’.  This has proven to be very dangerous, because there are criminals who sneak into the 12 Steps groups and prey on vulnerable people who feel that they are sick and will never get better. This has caused many crimes to be committed against group members.  (We all have a name that we should be proud of.  We also need to know who is sitting next to us, so in case there is an issue, they can be reported to authorities.)
  • Having to have a ‘sponsor’ who is no better than anyone else and has no last name. (Seriously?  Who wants to be accountable to some nameless bozo who knows nothing more than you do, and probably isn’t capable of any leadership capacity.)
  • The ‘group CULT’ mentality causes MAJOR problems of jealousy, envy, bullying, despair, and causes the quiet ones to rarely get anything out of the meeting.  There are usually one or two anonymous groupies who run the whole show with their own agenda. (Groups, with the intent on creating any kind of therapeutic environment, is hopeless. People are individuals and as unique as each snowflake is, and need to be helped in a one-on-one private setting, for any progress to happen. Very few will ever discuss their private thoughts and concerns in a group, for fear of ridicule or shame.)
  • You’re forced to make ‘amends’, in a pattern of ‘steps’ or you’re just not a good groupie.  (The only accountability you have is to God, who will tell you – by His Holy Spirit – exactly what to do,  when & where to do it, and to whom.)

So, what’s the fix to this?

Although this sounds like an advertisement, it isn’t.  We know what kind of recovery program we have and that it works.  It’s God’s!  So, we declare it joyfully and boldly.  We eliminate the disease theory (just a theory created by the two dysfunctional founders of the 12 Steps), and we eliminate the broken ‘steps’… then we bring in Jesus’ power of healing,  individualized recovery support and Biblical teachings.  We make it fun, motivational, inspirational, and it’s all wrapped up with HOPE.   You an go to Victory Retreat Montana and read about our virtual recovery program, or you can check out and follow our brand new ministry’s recovery blog at

Remember:  There’s only one ‘step’ to being totally healed from addiction.  Step up to the Lord Jesus Christ who died so that you can live a healthy, addiction free life!

God doesn’t care about who you used to be.  He just cares about who you are now!

Addiction Has an END!

cash cowJust as addiction has a beginning, it also has an end. It’s not a disease. It doesn’t have relapses. Don’t subscribe to the lies of the medical, psychiatric and addiction rehab  communities; they want to perpetuate the lie in order to keep bringing in those big bucks. Don’t be their cash cow.

Your addiction can end in death or in life.  It’s a choice only you can make. You don’t need to hit rock bottom to choose. You need Jesus Christ, along with the right Manual to freedom – the Bible.  Follow Him, in ALL ways.  If you receive Jesus and you walk in His ways, then you will be free for life!  BUT – you need to walk the walk 100% of the time, not only 99%.  Yes, you’ll make mistakes; however, a true believer knows when those mistakes happen and ask for immediate forgiveness.  It’s like falling when you’re walking; you get right up and start walking again.

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What hope is there?

Wouldn’t a universal, proven cure for drug addiction be a good thing? And is it possible?

First, let’s clearly define what is meant by “cure.” For the individual a cure means complete and permanent absence of any overwhelming physical or mental desire, need or compulsion to take drugs. For the society it means the rehabilitation of the addict as a consistently honest, ethical, productive and successful member. In the 1970s, this first question would have seemed rather strange, if not absurd.

“Of course that would be a good thing!” and “Are you kidding?” would have been
common responses.

Today, however, the responses are considerably different. A drug addict might answer, “Look, don’t talk to me about cures. I’ve tried every program there is and failed. None of them work.” Or, “You can’t cure heredity; my father was an alcoholic.” A layperson might say, “They’ve already cured it; methadone, isn’t it?” Or, “They’ve found it’s an incurable brain disease; you know, like diabetes, it can’t be cured.” Or even, “Science found it can’t be helped; it’s something to do with a chemical imbalance in the brain.”

Very noticeable would be the absence of the word, even the idea, of cure, whether amongst addicts, families of addicts, government officials, media or anywhere else.

In its place are words like disease, illness, chronic, management, maintenance, reduction and relapse. Addicts in rehab are taught to refer to themselves as “recovering,” never “cured.” Stated in different ways, the implicit consensus that has been created is that drug addiction is incurable and something an addict will have to learn to live with—or die with.

Is all hope lost?

Before considering that question, it is very important to understand one thing about drug rehabilitation today. Our hope of a cure for drug addiction was not lost; it was buried by an avalanche of false information and false solutions.

First of all, consider psychiatrists’ long-term propagation of dangerous drugs as “harmless”:

  • In the 1960s, psychiatrists made LSD not only acceptable, but an “adventure” to tens of ­thousands of college students, promoting the false concept of improving life through “recreational,” mind-altering drugs.
  • In 1967, US psychiatrists met to discuss the role of drugs in the year 2000. Influential New York psychiatrist Nathan Kline, who served on ­committees for the US National Institute of Mental Health and the World Health Organization stated, “In principle, I don’t see that drugs are any more abnormal than reading, music, art, yoga, or twenty other things—if you take a broad point of view.”
  • In 1973, University of California psychiatrist, Louis J. West, wrote, “Indeed a debate may soon be raging among some clinical scientists on the question of whether clinging to the drug-free state of mind is not an antiquated position for anyone—physician or patient—to hold.”
  • In the 1980s, Californian psychiatric drug ­specialist, Ronald K. Siegel, made the outrageous assertion that being drugged is a basic human “need,” a “fourth drive” of the same nature as sex, hunger and thirst.
  • In 1980, a study in the Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry claimed that, “taken no more than two or three times per week, cocaine creates no serious problems.”
  • According to the head of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s office in Connecticut, the false belief that cocaine was not addictive contributed to the dramatic rise in its use in the 1980s.
  • In 2003, Charles Grob, director of child and adolescent psychiatry at the University of California Harbor Medical Center believed that Ecstasy ­(hallucinogenic street drug) was potentially “good medicine” for treating alcoholism and drug abuse.

Today, drug regulatory agencies all over the world approve clinical trials for the use of hallucinogenic drugs to handle anything from anxiety to alcoholism, despite the drugs being known to cause psychosis.

The failure of the war against drugs is largely due to the failure to stop one of the most dangerous drug pushers of all time: the psychiatrist. The sad irony is that he has also established himself in positions enabling him to control the drug rehab field, even though he can show no results for the billions awarded by governments and legislatures. Governments, groups, families, and individuals that continue to accept his false information and drug rehabilitation techniques, do so at their own peril. The odds overwhelmingly predict that they will fail in every respect.

Drug addiction is not a disease. Real solutions do exist.

Clearing away psychiatry’s false information about drugs and addiction is not only a fundamental part of restoring hope, it is the first step towards achieving real drug rehabilitation.


Jan Eastgate
Citizens Commission
on Human Rights International

The source for the above article can be found by clicking here.

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A Question for People Who Are Currently Owned By Addiction

I have a question for you today…  one that you need to search your heart and soul for.  I’m asking those of you who enslaved by prescription drug addiction, illegal drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, porn addiction, shopping addiction, food addiction, and others.  What’s the inescapable purple elephant in the room for you right now?

Once you ID the purple elephant, ask yourself – one by one – these questions, and answer them.

  • How did it get here? 
  • Who brought it into my life? 
  • Why is it hanging around and following me all the time? 
  • What could I do to get rid of it? 
  • What obstacles am I  facing that are preventing me from chasing it  off  the highest cliff so that it never returns? 
  • Now, imagine for a few moments that it’s gone; how are you feeling? 
  • What is it like to feel this new way? 
  • What steps can you take so that another one doesn’t take it’s place?

Yes, healing is possible!

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