Black Friday Death Count

Black Friday Death Count 12 DEATHS, 117 INJURIES I can't think of anything more stupid than dying to save a buck. Can you? DeathsInjuries2018Man, 27, shot to death in parking lot in South Keys Ottawa1-2018Man wounded in shooting inside N.J. mall at the end of Black Friday-12018Two people stabbed at Macy's in Destiny USA-22018Glance at … Continue reading Black Friday Death Count

The Recipe for Victory Over Any Addiction

by Dina Perkins Whether it's drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, porn, shopping, or something else that runs your life to the level of serious compulsion, there's a way out that is not just a release, but a victory. How do we gain victory over obstacles in our lives, such as an addiction, that seem to be … Continue reading The Recipe for Victory Over Any Addiction