‘Necrotizing Pneumonia’ – The New Vaping Hazard

 E-cigarettes were initially thought to be a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, but a recent outbreak of serious lung illnesses and deaths linked to the nicotine delivery devices called that belief into question. Now, a new case report details another type of lung illness in a 15-year-old girl who regularly used e-cigarettes: necrotizing pneumonia. Necrotizing... Continue Reading →

Why Vaping Marijuana is SO SO DANGEROUS to Your Health

As more states continue to legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana, questions concerning the health risks associated with the substance and its various consumption methods are on the rise. For example, what are the effects of vaporizing marijuana versus smoking it? Although limited research currently exists, there is some data and anecdotal evidence that can offer a... Continue Reading →

Could Marijuana Be Another Addiction?

The article below was written by Wes Boyd is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School and on the faculty at the Center for Bioethics at Harvard Medical School. He teaches medical ethics and human rights at Harvard Medical School and also teaches a freshman seminar in Harvard College titled “Psychology of Religion.”... Continue Reading →


E-cigarettes appear to trigger unique immune responses as well as the same ones triggered by regular cigarettes, according to new research published online in the American Thoracic Society's American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. Immune responses are the biological reactions of cells and fluids to an outside substance the body doesn't recognize as its... Continue Reading →

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