Buyer Beware: GMO Stevia Is Everywhere

At a Glance Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana), a perennial shrub native to South America, has a long history of use as a natural sweetener. Steviol glycosides, including rebaudiosides A, D and M are what provide the sweet taste, with Reb A being the sweetest Despite hundreds of years of safe use of stevia, the U.S. Food... Continue Reading →

Is Sugar An Addictive ‘DRUG’?

When we are born, it is innate within us to desire pleasure.¬† Some of the pleasure seeking behaviors unfortunately result in addictions of many¬† kinds.¬† The addiction I'm speaking of here is SUGAR!¬† You love it!¬† Your crave it!¬† You can't stop it!¬† You even use this deadly weapon on your body to celebrate all... Continue Reading →

Erythritol: The Good(?), the BAD & the UGLY with This Common Sweetener; You Need to Know This!

Erythritol is one of the most prominent natural zero calorie sweeteners that have become so popular, and seemingly less problematic than the controversial¬†aspartame. Instead, erythritol is a natural sugar alcohol like¬†xylitol¬†that I‚Äôve spoken about before¬†in¬†my article titled ‚ÄúThe 5 Worst Artificial Sweeteners.‚ÄĚ Many people choose¬†erythritol because it can decrease the amount of sugar and calories... Continue Reading →

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