Walmart Pork Found To Have ‚ÄúSuperbug‚ÄĚ Bacteria Resistant To Antibiotics

A new study published by animal-welfare group World Animal Protection has arrived at some stunning findings about pork products begin sold at Walmart. The¬†report, published by¬†FoodDive, found that pork samples purchased from Walmart contained ‚Äúsuperbug‚Ä̬†antibiotic-resistant bacteria.¬†80% of samples tested from Mid-Atlantic Walmart stores were resistant to at least one antibiotic.¬†Additionally,¬†37% of the bacteria in the... Continue Reading →

Candida Auris: The silent superbug that‚Äôs already too late to stop ‚Äď full documentary

Candida auris is a ‚Äúsilent superbug‚ÄĚ that‚Äôs already spreading across U.S. hospitals and nursing homes. The¬†CDC has reported hundreds of infections across seven states, and is tracking over 1,000 ‚Äúcolonizations‚ÄĚ where the fungal strain has infected human carriers who spread it to others. Notably, the CDC refuses to name which hospitals have been infected by... Continue Reading →

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