LGBT Parents Begin Physically Harming Their Own Children by Performing Genital Mutilation at Home to Change their Child’s Gender

Just in time for Pride Month, a pair of lesbians from Brazil celebrated their “true selves” by murdering their nine-year-old son, whom one year prior they tried to make “transgender” by forcibly cutting off the now-deceased boy’s private parts and carving a makeshift vagina in its place. The horrific event took place less than one... Continue Reading →

LGBT Progressivism Horrors: Parents to Start Physically Maiming Their Own Babies to SURGICALLY REMOVE all “Gender” Organs in the Name of Progressivism and â€œEquality”

If you wonder where “progressivism” is headed, look no further than the self-mutilation movement where LGBT followers physically maim their own bodies to become so-called “nullos” by cutting off their nipples and reproductive organs. The next escalation in this war on biology will, I predict, involve parents maiming their newborn infants by slicing off their penis and scrotum shortly after birth... Continue Reading →

Constitutional Attorney Jonathan Emord Calls for FEDERAL Investigation into Link Between Psych Drugs and School Shootings A top-rated lawyer who has beaten the Food and Drug Administration more times in court than any other attorney is calling on the Trump administration to launch a probe into possible links between commonly-prescribed psychiatric drugs and the epidemic of school shootings. “The financial interests of the psychiatric industry is to feed this drug... Continue Reading →

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